Lil Wayne made the announcement that he would be releasing 'The Carter IV' early shortly after he got 9 stitches in his head.

He was at a skate-park in St. Louis when he tried to do a triple sow cow and fell to crack the front of his head.

The incident comes only a couple of days after reports that he may have spent some "quality time" with a 16 year old Canadian girl.

Check out the post injury pictures and get details how you can get 'The Carter IV' early.

Lil Wayne has made the decision to release 'The Carter IV' at midnight after he performs at the MTV VMA's on Sunday the 28th.  The hard copy of the album will be available on Monday.  He is excited about giving the fans an early chance on iTunes and Amazon and said,

"I am extremely excited to be the first artist to utilize such an amazing idea. I hope that I can open the door for others."

The fact that Weezy had a serious head trauma and made the early release announcement are probably just coincidence, but after waiting for so long who knows.  Wayne has assured his fans that the 9 stitches in his head will not keep him from the VMA's.

Check out the initial news report about Wayne being rushed to the hospital.  Make sure you see the very awkward one here too.