Lupe Fiasco speaks like a poet in his 'Food and Liquor 2' trailer.  Lupe Fiasco has become our modern day rebel that truly knows how to speak to the masses and get their attention.  In his trailer for his upcoming album, Lupe speak like a true poet. Take a listen below.

Lupe doesn't need anyone's approval on his success and really has become a hip-hop legend.  Announcing his retirement from music, Lupe will release his finally album on September 25th.  Going back to his roots of 'Food and Liquor' will appease his core fans.

Opening the trailer, Lupe says,

"This is an psychological warfare."

"To challenge your definitions."

"To stir up conversation."

"To tell the story of America."

You have to get ready for this album from the Chicago emcee.  Watch the trailer below and let me know what you think by leaving a comment.