Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are starring in a new anti-discrimination campaign with USA Network, urging people to finish the sentence, "I Won't Stand For . . ."

USA is kicking off their 'Characters Unite Month' and Macklemore will be heading the movement.  The goal is to gain support against all forms of discrimination, not just gay rights.

The plan is to have people go to and let people know what they won't stand for.  Macklemore issued a statement about the new campaign.

It's clear that there's a lot more work to be done to fight discrimination. We hope that through our music and by being part of campaigns like Characters Unite, we can help start conversation that leads to greater empathy and understanding."

So now the question is in your court, how will you finish the sentence?

"I WON'T STAND FOR ___________"

Put your answers in the comments below.

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