A brave man ends a horrible bank robbery with his bare hands and ask the bank to help with medical bills.  After punching the bank robber so hard he broke his hand, the hero is only asking for some help.

Jacob Williams walked into a Chase bank in California with a plastic bag over his hand demanding money.  Herb Pearce, the Good Samaritan, was standing in line to be served and decided that Williams could not have been serious.

Williams pointed his hand wrapped in a plastic bag at Pearce's head which was a huge mistake.  Pearce ended up punching the terrible bank robber and ending the bank heist.  Pearce punch Williams so hard that he needed medical attention.

After receiving the medical bill for the fractured hand, Pearce asked Chase Banks to help him pay the tab since he did save the day.  Chase was unable to pay any funds because their insurance didn't cover his actions.

I want to hear from you, do you think Chase Bank should find a way to compensate Pearce for his bravery?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.