The idiot of the day goes to the Tennessee man who was playing with his gun and accidentally shot his neighbor in the shoulder.  Please arrest this idiot again and again.

David White was playing with his gun when he accidentally discharged his weapon through the floor.  The bullet traveled through the floor and ceiling of the apartment below striking the women in her shoulder.

Heather Goutremount was the victim of this ignorant act and suffered a lot of damage to her shoulder.  Heather's husband told the local news that their 2 year old was just six feet away from the victim at the time of the incident.  Thank God the kid wasn't hit by the stray bullet.

According to Huffingtonpost, the idiot of the day was arrested and charged with,

 reckless endangerment, along with marijuana possession and illegal possession of a prescription drug.

Here is a reason why I hate guns to be the hands of the wrong people.  David White did not take life serious enough to prevent this from happening.  Playing around with your gun while it is loaded is asking for trouble.  I hope Heather will recover quickly.