Last week Michael Jordan showed that he could still get up at the age of 50, and Dr. J decided to show the world that Jordan isn't the only legend that can still dunk.

Dr. J put up a video of himself dunking in a gym at the ripe old age of 63!  Check it out below.

SO do you think that the dunk is better than the dunk that Jordan displayed at a basketball camp last week?

Lets run down the tale of the tape.

  • Jordan-50   Dr. J-63
  • Jordan-In jeans in front of a crowd    Dr. J-Hoop clothes with nobody around
  • Jordan-Spur of the moment   Dr J-Probably stretched for 3 hours before & after

Who am I kidding?  They are both impressive, but if you want to chime in on which one was better, make your voice heard in the comments below.  In the meantime check out both of them in their prime below.


Dr. J