Michelle Duggar has enough kids to field two baseball teams, and an umpire.  So it only makes sense that she would eventually be questioned about looming over population problem that the world faces.

Michelle laughs at this theory though, because she knows that the Earth can hold way more people.

She starts her response to the question with quite possibly the dumbest statement ever.

She knows that overpopulation is a non issue because if you took everyone in the world and stood them next to each other, we could all fit in the city of Jacksonville.

W.  T.  F.?!

Does she not realize that it's not a room issue?  Can someone explain to her that there are some other countries, that she has probably never heard of, that don't have enough food for their kids?

In the end though, the Duggar's are going to be upset that they didn't have 22 kids . . . because how will they ever play a full game of football against each other?

Michelle Duggar Laughs Off Overpopulation