A family dog in Marcellus, Michigan saved the family's 14-month-old son from drowning. A 30-year-old mother had been working outside the house and had gone to grab a shovel from the garage with her 14-month-old son following right behind her.

Suddenly, she found that the boy was no longer behind her. She reported that the boy was found face-up in the water and appeared to be blue.

That's when she spotted the family dog, a black lab, which was in the pool underneath the child, holding him up on its back.

She tried to call 911, but was unable to get cell service from her residence, and so began to drive to the Fire Department to get help.

While en route, she was apparently able to get service and called central dispatch, and was on the phone with them when the boy regained consciousness.

He was examined by fire and ambulance personnel who found him in good condition.

As a precaution, he was sent to a hospital where he was treated and released.