Leroy Fick of Michigan won the Lottery last June for $2 Million. Sounds like a dream come true right? You would quit your job, buy a new house, new car and stay of FOOD STAMPS!!! Find out how he feels about his winnings.

See this is why people get mad at our Government. They do good things then they have dumb rules that have people abusing the system. Take Leroy for i

nstance. He won $2 million through the Michigan Lottery last summer on a game show. Of course Uncle Sam got his money which leaves Leroy with over $1 million now. BUT here's where Leroy is being a JERK. He was on Food stamps before he won the money and is still on them. Legally he can still do this because his winnings are considered an asset not actual income. So he's using this loop hole to keep using his Bridge Card. Now this makes people who really need the help upset, and of course those are tax payers. What do you think about this. Are you pro Leroy for knowing how to get over on the system, or do you think this is wrong?