The unbelievable story of a 62 year old Michigan man driving across the country with his dead 31 year old girlfriend in the front seat, sounds like a horror movie, but it really happened.

Police are still working at piecing together all of the details, but they believe that the woman died after taking too many Oxycodone pills at a gas station in Flagstaff, Arizona.  Police think she died suddenly, but instead of reporting the death, the man decided to drive home with her in the front seat.


He propped the woman up in the front seat, put sunglasses on her and started the long drive back to Michigan. Could things possibly get worse?  Yes.  Yes they can.

The mans wheel chair bound mother was also in the back of the van for the entire trip!

(Just take a minute to let this all soak in)

There are so many more disturbing details in this story.  Watch the official report from FOX2  below.

I know it's not appropriate, but there's no way that you can read this story and not think about this.