The Spartans of Michigan State celebrated their fourth straight win in the backyard rivalry game against Michigan after a 28-14 win.

As the Spartans walked across the field with the 'Paul Bunyon Trophy', many of them celebrated a clean sweep.  The players that came in as freshmen have never lost to the Wolverines.

The 28-14 final score does not tell the story of many missed U of M opportunities, or dirty plays by MSU players.  Check out some of the video of a few personal fouls that occurred during the game.

ESPN devoted an entire segment to the fact that the Spartans may have pushed the line of dirty play in the win.  Six personal fouls including a punch and a play that sent U of M quarterback Denard Robinson to the bench.

Michigan coach, Brady Hoke, downplayed any foul play though saying:

"I don't know how they played dirty. They had some personal fouls on late hits on the quarterback," Hoke said. "But you can get those all the time."

Here are some of the personal foul plays on the Spartans.

Here is the punch, that should have gotten him kicked out of the game.