Cell phones have changed us way more than most of us would like to admit, and smart phones have been a major factor in the change.

A study from Virgin Mobile showed that not only are cell phones changing the way we interact, but they could be hurting our memory as well.  Don't buy it?  Then recite as many phone numbers as you can . . . most people can only give their moms.

The study found that 65% of people could only remember a few numbers and could only recite their moms on demand.  Here are some other findings.

  • 27.8% of people who use their phones almost exclusively to call have broken up with someone via text message.
  • 8.7% of people call more than they text.
  • 56% of people don't know their spouses telephone number.
  • Females are 10% more likely then males to have sent a nude pic of themselves from their phone.
  • A majority of 18-23 year-olds text more than they call.
  • 37% of people that pay for unlimited minutes use their almost exclusively to text.
  • More than 60% of 18-23 year-olds have photographed their food with their phone.
  • ¼ of all smartphone users between 18 and 34 admit to pretending to know a piece of information they secretly found on their phone.
  • Almost 25% of people don't know how much data they use each month.

I honestly can't really disagree with any of these!  It's crazy to think how much things have changed, and how quickly they still are.