Bubba Smith had been known as a lot of things throughout his 86 years.  2 time All American, 2 time National Champion and number one overall NFL draft pick are some of his sporting accomplishments.  Most people recognise him as Hightower from the Police Academy movies.

Despite his hulking figure, everyone knows Bubba as a great person with a huge heart.  Charles Bubba Smith was found dead on Wednesday August 3rd inside his California home.


Bubba Smith was one of only three men to ever have their jersey retired by Michigan State.  MSU honored Smith at a ceremony in 2006 and wrote a touching tribute to him on their website.

According to CNN authorities found no evidence of foul play and had this to say about the scene.

He was found unresponsive," and pronounced him dead, said Ed Winter, assistant chief of operations and investigation for the coroner. The body will be taken to the coroner's office, where an autopsy will be performed to determine cause of death, Winter said.

On top of being voted into the College Football Hall Of Fame, Smith made a huge name for himself in the Police Academy movies.  He played the role of Moses Hightower, a huge, but friendly officer.  Here are a couple of my favorite scenes from Bubba.

Yamma Yamma Yamma Yaaaaammma

This car is too small for Hightower