Allyson Ramiller is a woman that every Mt. Morris football player knows, and as she is losing her battle with cancer the team has decided to dedicate this season to her.

This is the first season that Allyson, who is now 24, has not been in the stands rooting on her Panthers.  She is nearing the end of a 13 year battle with cancer, and the entire Mt. Morris football program is trying to honor her.

Her footprint on the team runs so deep, that they actually have a play called "Allyson."  In a very touching moment after last weeks Panther win over Perry, the team personally delivered the game ball to Allyson.  She was not able to be at the game, but each one of the players admitted that she was on their mind during the game.

We always try to point out moments where the sports we love are bigger than the actual sport.  This is a crystal clear example of an entire community coming together to support one of their own, and using sports as the method.

Salute to everyone in Mt. Morris who is supporting their Panthers, and spending a moment to put Allyson in their hearts.