Police in Kemah, Texas started getting calls at 1pm about a man riding a unicycle NAKED across the Kemah bridge.

Police said Joseph Farley was often seen riding his unicycle on the bridge, but this is the first time that he has decided to take the ride naked.

"He said that he liked the way that it felt. Really don't know what he meant by that, but that's what he said," said Kemah Police Chief Greg Rikard. "The officer kept his distance as best he could. Obviously he wasn't armed, that we could tell. We did what we could do. Turned him around and moved him off to the side of the vehicle to get him out of the view of the public."

Farley was charged with indecent exposure but amazingly police said he was not intoxicated or impaired.  To top things off, Farley told police he is a former teacher.

Naked Unicycle Rider Is Arrested