In 2002 Nas was planning a shocking performance for Summer Jam in NYC when he suddenly pulled from the show.  Tons of rumors flew around at the time as to why he would pull out, but it turns out the organizers told him he couldn't pull his shocking surprise.

What was Nas going to do that had the concert heads so worked up?  He was going to hang Jay-Z!

A new video shows a lifelike Jay-Z mannequin being prepared, along with a gallows, which Nas planned to use during his Summer Jam performance 10 years ago. Nas had gotten a special-effects specialist to create the dummy which would be hung in his show.

When he found out he couldn't do the stunt, he pulled himself out of the shows lineup.

I'll be honest with you, this would have definitely crossed the line.  Just watching the video made me feel uncomfortable, and I can't imagine this happening in front of 50,000 people.

Nas Was Going To Hang Jay-Z