Andre Drummond and the Pistons rallied to beat the 76'ers, despite the "Hack-A-Drummond" tactics that included a piggyback ride.

Nerlens Noel literally jumped on Drummonds' back during a free throw in an attempt to put him on the line.

Drummond is definitely no stranger to being intentionally fouled, as most teams have found it's the only way to stop him this year.  Not to mention that he is a terrible free throw shooter, so it only makes sense to foul him.

The bad part is that it makes the game hard to watch.  It slows down, an otherwise fast moving game, and punishes the fans.

I guess the tactic would be a little more entertaining if all of the fouls included some sort of acrobatics like this one. . . but Drummond would probably hurt someone once he lost his temper.