You're eyes are not deceiving you, a new Android phone starting price is $9,600.  I have heard of expensive mobile phones but never at the price of nine grand.  I came across this phone and had to share the crazy price with you.

According to ABCNews, Vertu, a luxury mobile phone company, has produced an Android powered smartphone that will cost you about the same price a certified used car.  The phone boast of luxuries to a mobile device that I have never seen or heard of in my life.

The Vertu Android powered phone is handmade and has rose gold trimming.  The screen in 3.7 inches of sapphire crystal.  If you decided to take pictures or video, know that you have a 8 megepixal camera and 1080p capabilities.  Dual core processing comes along with the titanium 5 casing.  WOW!

One draw back on the phone, besides the price, is the software.

But $9,600 won’t buy you the latest version of Android; the Ti is launching with Android 4.0 software, which dates from 2011 (the current version is Android 4.2). But Vertu says it has put its own spin on design with a “uniquely tailored” user interface.

After really thinking about this phone, I can understand Vertu stance on luxury.  I know many may say the phone isn't worth it, and I agree. But if the price is too, its not for you.  If you had the money to afford the phone, would you buy it?