Buying and selling a used car can be easy or tricky.  You have to know exactly what to say and ask for when going through the process.  When selling a car on Craigslist, you have to be even more on point.  A New Jersey man ruined the process for everyone when he sold his car on Craigslist, stole it back, and then got arrested.

Reynold Joseph from New Jersey is the idiot who tried to pull this off.  Joseph sold the Pontiac G6 to a New York woman for $2,500.  After realizing she didn't have the title, the woman arranged a meet up with Joseph at her home.  Unfortunately Joseph showed up to her home and robbed her of the Pontiac G6.

Yes, the story is sad, bizarre, and true all at the same time.  Joseph couldn't even get away far enough before being pulled over by the police to due a faulty license plate.  Police investigated the vehicle and plates and discovered the car was stolen.  Go figure, the woman called the police on Joseph.

While being placed under arrested for driving a stolen car, police found burglary tools, keys to foreign model cars like Acura and Toyota.  So far you think it can't get any worse?  Well, Joseph took things further and had placed the Pontiac G6 back on Craigslist to be sold again.

If you were the judge over Joseph's case, what sentence would you give him for jail time?

via Complex