Macklemore was in New York promoting 'The Heist' when two great things happened.  First he dropped a dope freestyle for Peter Rosenberg and second he found out that 'Same Love' went Platinum.

Macklemore's rise to fame has been anything but typical, and he highlights that in this verse.  He touches on everything from Wu Tang to being labeled as a white rapper.

"It's just race, lets talk . . . not make it awkward"

In the middle of catchy line after line, that sentence right there is a nugget of genius. Macklemore might be a flash in the pan, never to be heard from again . . . but the new attitude that he has brought to Hip-Hop will live long beyond his fame.

Is he the best rapper out right now?  Probably not.

Is he the best white rapper ever? Nope.

Is he the perfect picture spokesperson for the LGBT community?  Definitely not

He is a man with a unique talent to open up peoples eyes to common sense that so many people have ignored, and that's what sets him apart.

***BTW  I know this isn't a "freestyle" in the sense that he made it up on the spot, but I think that the meaning of the word freestyle changed a long time ago.