A new Michigan law will cut welfare benefits for the entire family if a kids miss school.  The new law seems to equate showing up to school to government assistance.  The connection is obvious but is it the right one?

According to Kimora Cochran, the new law will cut welfare benefits from the family if the child doesn't show up to school.  After missing 10 consecutive days of school the family will be in jeopardy of losing government assistance.  The welfare program can be re-instated after the child shows up to school for 21 consecutive days.

I am conflicted in my stance on this new law.  On one had I believe if a family receive government assistance they should make sure the child is receiving a education.  On the other had, this new law could be in place to punish the less fortunate.

I need to hear from you.  What are your thoughts on the new law in Michigan that could cut welfare benefits if a child doesn't attend school?