Tim Bowers was a newly wed who was expecting his first child with his wife, but this dream story took a heartbreaking turn after Tim fell out of his hunting tree stand.

Tim fell 16 feet from his tree stand and became paralyzed from the shoulders down.  He was also dependent on a ventilator to breathe, but his brain wasn't affected.

His family asked doctors to bring him out of sedation so he could be told of his condition and decide for himself whether he wanted to live or die, and they agreed.

When they told him what his life would be like, and asked if he wanted to live, he shook his head "no" and they followed his wishes.

I can't accurately express how split I am about this story.

I can totally understand the mans decision to end his life, knowing that he would be reliant on so many things just to stay alive.  His paralysis, and constant need for care would definitely turn into a huge burden on his family. His choice to die could be one of the most selfless things I've heard.

On the other side, his choice seems so selfish because he now leaves a family to deal with the loss.

My heart goes out to his family and to him for even being put in the position to have to make a choice like that.