Former Detroit Lions Receiver now Dallas Cowboy Receiver Roy Williams is not a happy camper right now. He wants his $76,000 engagement ring back from his former Beauty Pageant girlfriend. She claims to have lost the ring, but it's been proven that her father has it.

Roy Williams proposed to Brooke Daniels back in February. She said no, but not to the ring. According to Williams' affidavit filed last week in Texas, he asked for the ring back but she said she had lost it. An insurance investigation proved that Daniels' father was in possession of the ring. Her dad says she's going to return the ring, but they are disappointed in the whole proposal in the first place.

According the Odessa American, Williams mailed $5000 dollars for school and dental bills, The ring and a recorded proposal to Daniels. To which she said NO! My question is should she return it and would you return it?

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