Today Nike Basketball gives inside access to colorway inspirations to three of their more famous silhouettes.  Finally we get a better understanding why Nike shoes are dressed in their color schemes.  Nike focus their efforts mainly on the LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Durant shoes but are not limited to the superstars' kicks. 

Eugene Rodgers joined Nike Basketball six years ago has been responsible for telling stories on your favorite silhouettes through color.  Rodgers captures stories about the athletes hometown, personalities, childhood, and even alternative careers.  Utilizing over 200 colors to tell the story, Rodgers teams up with lead designers to bring us innovation that separates Nike from other brands.

Rodgers spoke on his drive to use colors to innovate the signature shoes for Nike.

“We’re not resting on our innovations, we’re bringing personalities to life through color and having fun,” said Eugene Rogers. “What started in our signature shoes will go to new places in 2014.”

Nike, Inc.

The inspiration behind the colorway of the Nike KD 6 'Seat Pleasant is explained.

Launched in June, the KD VI lead colorway incorporated the signature blue and gold from the Seat Pleasant Activity Center, the Maryland rec center where KD learned to play basketball. Shoe designer Leo Chang and Rogers first visited KD's hometown of Seat Pleasant years ago; it was the trip that acted as a catalyst for this lead colorway.  The storyline was authentic and connected to Durant’s roots.

Nike, Inc.

LeBron James' Nike LeBron 11 'King's Pride' was inspired by his on court persona.

Launched in August, the LEBRON 11 lead colorway was representative of a jungle, home of the lion, which is the on-court alter ego of James.  He plays with fearless determination and the King’s Pride colorway drew inspiration from the animal - its dark loden upper color and the floral print of the collar lining reflect wildlife-themed colors and graphics.

Nike, Inc.

Kobe Bryant's illustrious career brings the inspiration behind his Nike Kobe 9 'Masterpiece.'

Kobe Bryant’s 17-year pro career parallels a storybook.  Five championships and record-breaking performances mixed with relentless drive.  The lead KOBE 9 Elite colorway dubbed ‘Masterpiece’ is an ode to Bryant’s brilliant career accomplishments and is available February 8.  The colorway weaves in purple, red, grey and volt, which became steady fixtures of annual ‘Chaos’ colorways beginning in 2009 and reflect Bryant’s interest in the joker.

Nike Basketball proves they're committed to being ahead of the curve when it comes to athletic innovation and creativity.  Picking the right colors may seem easy to you but Nike Basketball and Eugene Rodgers take months to produce the right combination.  Nike and Rodgers spend a lot of time with the athletes to produce the best product.