The sneaker of the day goes to the Nike LeBron 9 Elite 'MVP.'

LeBron James is living his dreams out in reality with the Nike LeBron 9 Elite MVP.  The LeBron James sneaker commemorates him on the court accomplishment of being the most valuable player during the 2011-2012 season.

After receiving the MVP award, LBJ took things to another level by winning his first NBA championship.  I think it is great that LBJ won his MVP award and NBA Championship in one year but I think customizing a sneaker is a bit of much.

Featuring a black and red gradient on the upper, the Nike LeBron 9 Elite MVP has gold overlays.  On the inner heel cup of the right sneaker we find a graphic of ‘MVP.’  I think the sneaker is well customized just hope they don’t make it production.

Would you cop or pass on this sneaker if offered?