I love searching through YouTube to find good videos that would normally get overlooked  I stumbled across NiyKee Heaton's video of her acoustic cover of Young Jeezy's 'R.I.P.' featuring 2Chainz.  She did a good job and I think you would agree.

Niykee uses her acoustic abilities to replay the urban club anthem from Jeezy.  With her acoustic guitar playing, she uses her ability to be raspy on the chorus which is interesting.  It would seem as though she would take the chorus higher in tone but kept it gully.

Niykee's YouTube channel boast of over 89,000 subscribers which help her earn over 100,000 views on several videos. The cover for Jeezy's song currently has just over 162,000 views.  Her channels has video that cover all major pop songs from Taylor Swift, Aaliyah, Chief Keef, Brandy, and many more.

My only problem with the covers is that Niykee uses profanity. I would enjoy them more if she cleaned it up.