A North Carolina man was arrested again for sucking a woman's toes in Walmart.  In 2001, the same sex offender broke into a woman's home to suck her toes.  Here is the creep of the day. 

Michael Brown, 31 years old, was caught on camera sexually assaulting a woman by shoving her feet in his mouth and sucking her toes.  Brown attacked 40 year old Erica Porras on Monday after asking if he could help her try on some shoes.

Brown told Porras and her daughter that he was podiatry student and was conducting research and pulled out a camera to take pictures.  After providing false information, Brown started sucking her toes. Immediately she ran off and called her husband and police.

Last night Brown was arrested and charged with assaulting a female.  How strange is this crime? His mother has to be really disappointed.