It is never a great look when a NYC thief steals a iPhone from a toddler but insist he offered two dollars for the smartphone. Let us all come together and crown him the idiot of the day.

Feliberto Ramirez, 53 years old, stole a iPhone from a three year old boy to sell for money to support his drug habit. Ramirez is homeless and decided to grab the phone from the toddler while the mother was in arms reach shopping on Broadway.

The naive toddler gave the homeless idiot the smartphone and was awarded two dollars.  The innocent kid quickly told his mother the man took her phone from him.  Staff in the store was quickly alerted and they chased after him but wasn't able to apprehend him.

Police was able to track drug addict Rameriz by an app called Find My iPhone. Rameriz sold the phone for $50 to buy drugs.  When arrested the druggy told police,

“Yeah, I f--ked up, I took the phone,” Ramirez told police after his arrest.

“But I offered the kid two dollars. He shook his head, said yeah, and he handed me the phone.”

I'm glad the phone was found but the arrest of Feliberto Ramirez is the best part of the story.  Ramirez is facing up to three years in prison for his shameless act.  I really hope he gets the help he needs to break the habit of drugs.

Do you think parents need to keep a closer eye on their children while in public?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


via NY Post