I never like throwing the term dirty cop around but a NYPD Police Officer arrested a woman and then stole adult pictures & videos from her cell phone that only meant for her boyfriend to see.  This is a great example of abuse of power.

Pamela Held, 27 years-old, was pulled over and arrested when Officer Seam Christian found prescription pills in the car.  When the young woman tried to vouch for her whereabouts through her cell phone, Officer Christian took her cell phone and headed into another room at the precinct.

Held was released and given a citation.  Leaving the precinct, the young woman noticed that several videos and text messages were forward to a unknown number.  After an investigation, information gathered lead Internal Affairs to Officer Christian's phone.

The Internal Affairs department in NYC set up a phone call with Christian and Held which led them to listen in on the dirty cop talk about the encounter.  Officer Christian is currently under investigation and may lose his job.  I hope that the NYPD set an example out of their rogue cop.

Do you think Pamela Held should have kept those adult pictures and videos on her phone?  Leave your response in the comment section below.

via Gawker