The battle between Michigan and Ohio just got testy and it didn't take place on the football field.  Ohio and Michigan police officers are notorious for handing out traffic tickets and residents are not happy about it, usually.  Now, residents in Ohio are praising the police department for targeting their children with tickets to make quota. 

The Police Chief in Brimfield, Ohio is encourage officers to give at least one citation a shift to small kids.  Residents of Brimfield approve of the Police Chief decision which is kind of strange but really cool at the same time.

Police officers are encourage to ticket kids who are wearing their helmets while riding their bicycles.  If kid gets pulled over by the police while wearing their helmet, the kids receive a ticket to get free ice cream from a local parlor.  How cool is that?

Frank's Drive In is the store fitting the bill for all this free ice cream and hopes the police will hand out tickets to every kid in the area taking safety seriously.  The local store will take tickets all summer long.  This could easily become expensive but I am sure the parents will spend money with the store to help offset the cost.

The campaign was launched on the Brimfield Police Departments Facebook page.  A local mother talked about how excited her son was when he heard about the new ticketing for ice cream.

"As soon as he heard about it, he came home from school, riding around with his helmet on, just waiting for somebody to pull him over."

This is extremely cool and creative way to promote fitness and safety.  I wish Flint could adopt something similar to this for our children.  I would love to be apart of something like this locally.  Do you think Flint could pull off something like this?  Leave your response in the comment section below.

Brimfield Police Deparment / Facebook

via Gawker