The six year old girl in this fight is about to show this chubby kid the meaning of pain as she shows no mercy during their Muay Thai fight.

I have no idea what country this is in, but remind me to threaten to send my kids there when they are bad.

Think about it like this . . . In America, the minute this kid started crying the fight would have been stopped.  Then an action group would start a campaign to get him to stop be obese.  Another action group would start protesting the girl, saying that girls shouldn't be fighting.  Eventually they would both be starring in a reality show about their rough relationship.

The more I think about it, the more I think that kid Muay Thai fighting might be just the thing America needs.

The brain trust over at WithLeather decided to decode the YouTube description with Google Translate, and here's what came out.

Boxing the list. Bun Bang Fai tradition in a boxing match at the year 2556 tires.

Feedback to help (parents, children, it is my side of the stage. Obese children can not sting because they wanted to smash it once already.
I like the whole village. This was really waiting for this fight than me. However, only a little more than expected at the Om fat girl like a boxer ever. It just came out today. Baby it’s hard. I like the entire village).