Mark Bauman is the owner of Baumans Running And Walking Shop in Flint, and he is also a Boston Marathon veteran.  He has run the race 44 times now including yesterdays tragic race.  Bauman was about a mile away from the explosions in Boston, and luckily was not one of the 140 people injured.

"I was probably about a mile, mile and a half away," said Bauman as he talked about his 44th straight Boston Marathon but never got to cross the finish line.

"They stopped us and word started spreading through the crowd that there was something that happened at the finish line, there was some tragedy, we didn't know if it was an explosion or what it was."  Bauman said it was around 45 minutes before most of the runners with him found out that two explosions had happened.

While we are happy that Mike is OK, our heart hurts for those who were injured and the families of those who were killed.