A tough decision was made when Florida parents turned son and grandson into police after store burglary.  The rural community of Baker County have seen an increase of armed robberies lately.  Cops need this new lead.  

The armed robbers stole $53 dollars and did not hurt the store clerk.  The community was asked to help out and Zelda and Willie Graham did the right.  The parents turned their teenage son and grandson to the police.

"I haven't slept, my husband hasn't slept," said Graham. "He laid in my arms and I laid in his arms and we both kept asking the same question all night: did we do the right thing?"

The teens used a pellet gun that look more like a lethal pistol.  The parents confirmed their relatives to the police after watching them on video surveillance tape.  The William and Zelda say they have receive backlash since turning in their relatives some good and bad.

The do-good parents hope the courts will be lenient towards the teenagers.