Reports are coming in that a stabbing inside a Pittsburgh area high school leaves 20 people injured.  A tenth grader is in custody at the moment for causing bodily harm staff and students.  Details are still coming in.

Police were called to Franklin Regional High School around 7:13am this morning eastern standard time. The stabbing took place in the science wing to the school's building.  At this moment, students are being released to their parents and safe.

According to the local CBS news affiliate, the hospital CEO said a student applied pressure to a students wound which saved the victim's life.  Tim Graham, a parent of a student at Franklin Regional, says,

“One of the children that pulled the alarm, my daughter said, after the incident happened to clear the school. She reported to me it was a 10th grade student."

We're praying for the students, staff, and community of Franklin Regional High School.  Violence like this is never easy to digest or understand. As more information is reported, we'll pass it along to you.