A Dozen abused Pitbulls were removed from a Flint home this week, and speculation has risen about a dog fighting ring and Meth lab operation.

According to Genesee County Animal Control Chief Walt Rodabaugh, the dogs were taken from a Flint home on Leith near Dort after a neighbor called in a tip.  Rodabaugh thinks there are more dogs inside the home, and is working on getting a warrant to go get them.

The dogs were severely underweight and living in terrible conditions.  Neighbors haven't seen anyone at the house, but suspect the person was cooking meth and possibly using the dogs in an illegal dog fighting ring before abandoning them.

It's amazing that anyone is capable of treating an animal so terribly.  Regardless of your opinion on Pitbulls, no dog should be put through what these ones have.  They are now recovering at the animal control shelter and police are looking for the owner of the house.  If you have any info please call 810-732-1660.