President Obama's escort limo gets stuck while  leaving the US Embassy in Dublin. This highly advanced limo can stop a direct missile attack but a bar on an exit ramp in Ireland can stop it dead in it's tracks. Check out this video for one of the most awkward moments Obama has had..

The Presidents limo nicknamed "The Beast" has earned it's nickname for a good reason. This heavily armored limo is truly one-of-kind a hybrid of engineering.

With 8 inch thick armored plated doors! DAAAAAMMN! On top of that it has its own independent  oxygen supply, with a fire fighting system in the trunk! Oh I'm not done yet. Also included in this wonderful package this vehicle comes with Pump Action Shotguns, Night Vision Cameras and Tear gas cannons. Oh yea the tires are made out of Kevlar and are puncture and shred resistant with special steel wheels that can ride without the tire being attached.......well damn Obama...

Here is some details on the Presidents Personal Limo

Oh yea don't forget Obama has back up......Some HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY BACKUP!!!!!