If you ever want a confidence boost, or need to feel completely dominant in an activity, all you have to do is play hide and seek with a kid.

There are a couple of guidelines to ensuring success though.

  • Find a kid between the ages of 2 & 4
  • Be willing to look in other places before running directly to the obvious hiding spot
  • When it's your turn to hide, don't hide too good or kid will lose interest and stop looking.

I have two kids (3 & 6 years old) that LOVE to play hide and seek so I've had plenty of practice.  In fact, I'm thinking about starting a 'Hide & Seek Training Camp' designed to improve your skills.  There will be two sessions, with the first one built for kids called,

"Finding A Different Spot Than The Last One You Used"

The second session would be aimed at adults and older siblings.  It would feature two classes for different objectives. The older sibling class would be called,

"Just Let Them Find You Already!"

The class for parents would be called,

"How To Seek And Watch TV At The Same Time"