Hurricane Harvey has dropped over 19 Trillion gallons of rain, over the course of five days.

Obviously that breaks just about every rainfall record that we know of, but it can be hard to visualize what 19 Trillion gallons looks like.  Mashable has put together a few info graphs to show just how much water that really is. You can click on either of the pics below to see even more shocking stats.


The storm brought about a years worth of rain in just five days according to meteorologists.  So just how big has Harvey been when it comes to rainfall? Let's just say that it's easily a once in a life time event.

All of this rain has meant unimaginable conditions for the people in the path of the storm. So far there have been 18 confirmed deaths, and tens of thousands of people displaced.

The relief efforts are going on 24/7, but the sheer amount of water has slowed the process at every step. The water is so deep in some areas, that strong currents have started to form, as the water finds new places to go.

Help is definitely needed, but many people are confused on what is the best way to help. Mentalfloss has put together a list of specific organizations that you can donate to, and what they need. If you are still looking for ways to aid the people affected, the local Red Cross is always the best place to start.

You can always text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation to relief efforts as well.