I just stumbled upon Queen Latifah's new talk show trailer and I already know I'll be watching TV again.  I rarely sit in front of the television and when I do, I enjoy it.

My life is busy but I hope things will slow down so I can watch Queen Latifah's new show.  Anyone who knows me, understands I'm a big fan of the Queen from a career perspective.  I think her personality has allowed her to work in several different area's of entertainment which is my ultimate goal.

I don't get a chance to watch TV because of my schedule and there really isn't much to watch.  I enjoy Law and Order SVU, Christian themed shows, sports, and occasional movie.

I really hope the show does well and gains tons of loyal viewers because I will become one. I think Latifah has the balance to draw all walks of life into her brand.  I can't stop ranting and raving about her.

After watching the trailer, do you think Queen Latifah's new show will do well?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.