Former Piston All-Star, Rasheed Wallace, penned a "no holds barred" letter describing the fact that the Flint Water Crisis is far from over.

Wallace has been to Flint to distribute water to residents on numerous occasions, and apparently grew tired of hearing that the situation was improving.

He wrote an open letter to The Players Tribune, called 'The Truth About Flint.'   Sheed shows his true emotions about the water crisis in the letter, with one of his most matter of fact statements being,

Don't believe the hype that you hear about the water being fixed.  The water's not fixed. This shit aint over.

Sheed talks about how he found all sorts of problems while delivering water in Flint.  He points out when he and Morris Peterson were going to grab some food in downtown.

When we got to the restaurant, I saw a sign on the door that made me furious.  OUR WATER IS SAFE.  Hold up, I thought, how is the water downtown cool, but three blocks over, the water is making children sick?

Rasheed is one of the few celebrities that has made return trips to Flint, so I definitely respect his opinion on the water crisis.  He's about as much of a stand up guy as you'll ever meet.

His letter is emotional, truthful, and most of all important.  He is a person with great wealth that still recognizes how deplorable the situation is in our city.  He's a man willing to get his hands dirty to fix the problems. 

You should definitely make some time today to read the full letter here.

Check out a video from one of Sheed's visits to Flint.