You may not know much about Real Madrid because they play soccer, and really who watches soccer anyway.

In fact I think the only time that we have heard about Real Madrid is when they ran over a fan during their championship celebration.

Well the champs were in the states, on the campus of UCLA, and it looks like their driving skills have not improved much.  Watch what happens when an overzealous fan gets to close to their golf cart.The only way that this hit and run could have been more entertaining had been if they were driving a moped.  I tried to think of a really good way to sum this up, but the guys over at did it perfectly.

No additional information is known about the victim at this time, but I’ve got a couple of working theories:

1. The woman was trying to commit suicide in the most uptight, Caucasian way possible (via a golf cart carrying a soccer team on a California college campus).
2. The woman was simply blind and jogging in the wrong direction.
3. The woman is Kevin James, and this is one of 800 similar jokes in his next movie.