I have never wanted to do any harm to a supervisor on any of my jobs.  I may have disliked their leadership tactics but never wanted to harm them.  Well, a reckless New Jersey cop was arrested for firebombing his supervisor's home.  This guy took things way too far.

Officer Michael A. Dotro worked for Internal Affairs and decided to lose everything by trying to kill his supervisor.  The investigation team believe Dotro firebombed his supervisor Captain Mark Anderko's home while his wife, two kids, and 92- year old mother were home.

The family was able to escape the home without any harm but the home was extremely damaged by Dotro's actions. Dotro's lawyer released this statement,

“I find it utterly incomprehensible to believe that Mike, who I’ve known in his capacity as PBA representative, could ever be involved in anything like this,” Bitterman said. “I’ve spoken to him, and he adamantly denies any involvement and expresses his condolences to the Anderko family. He is sickened at the thought of someone doing this to a brother officer, or anyone else, for that matter.”

Regardless of how the lawyer may feel about his client, Dotro has been investigated for wrong doing before.  According to Gawker, the reckless New Jersey cop was investigated for assault and stealing a police car.

"...in 2008 for allegedly stealing a police car as part of a prank from the department's lot, and once in 2005 on charges of police brutality that led to tensions between the department and the township's Asian-Indian community."

Dotro really needs to chill with the burning down of his supervisor's crib, if he firebombed the home.  The entire family could have died to this reckless act.  The kids and a 92 year old woman, really?  That is not a good look.

Okay, we know Dotro's actions are extremely but have you ever wanted to get back at your boss?  Leave your response in the comment section below.