Rihanna said that her '777 Tour' would be crazy, but I don't think anyone thought that it would be the press covering her that got the most crazy.

After five days of non stop traveling, performing and partying it looks like some of the hinges may have started to come off.

The mood on the plane flying Rihanna, 150 music journalists and 100 crew, entourage and competition-winning fans around the world as part of her 777 tour has gone sour because Rhi Rhi is refusing to spend any time with her guests.

The week-long world ends today in New York. That's good news because journalists have complained of tiredness, jet lag and a lack of the access to Rihanna they had hoped they would get.

One Australian journalist was so frustrated with the situation he streaked through the plane on a flight from Berlin to London.  The open bar that Rihanna offered to her guests probably helped him get some courage to streak as well.

One journalist reported, "People on the plane have been getting disgruntled because of late flights and no sleep. I don't think anyone expected Rihanna on their lap. Competition winners just want a picture really, but the schedule has been extreme. Last night, after a free bar in Berlin the plane got a bit crazy."