Lately it seems like the 1 golden rule in Hip Hop it "Don't Snitch', and if you do, you can instantly lose your fan base.

In this case I don't think neither will lose their fan base, but I think people will start to look at them differently, and I do think they will be in a whole whirl wind of trouble.

Hopefully people will stop putting stupid things on their social media sites and this should be a lesson to all.The 63 gang members that quoted Rick Ross were apart of 4 gangs: Air It Out, True Gang, Whoa Day, and True Money Bosses.

A gang member wrote on his Facebook page "God Forgives I don't..somebody gotta die".

Another one wrote a Meek Mill lyric with a New York twist on his page "I'm 2 glocks strapped rolling down 112th madison, 116th is the New Iraq.

Several of the members were busted with guns, weapons, drugs and also they are facing several homicide charges.