Rick Ross is rebounding from a tough 2012 with the announcement of his sixth studio album titled 'Mastermind'.  As you can tell from the picture, Ross has been eating his veggies, but he likes them dipped in chocolate and gravy and cheese and, well you get the point.

The movie style trailer starts in a record store perusing some of the best albums ever made.  It takes us to a penthouse suite where a bikini girl is counting money while Ross soaks his bunions in a hot tub . . . you know, everyday life kind of stuff.

I poke fun at Ross but you have to respect the mans work ethic and business sense.  The man suffered two seizures and a number of other health scares last year, but he is right back in the mix.

Ross promised more details about the upcoming album, but you know that MMG will be represented and the finished product will be dope.