Rihanna's European tour has made headlines for all the wrong reasons lately.  Everything from bad performance reviews to showing up late for the show, and RiRi's decision to hit a fan with her mic is the latest headline.

Rihanna was doing a normal part of her show where she sings and walks along the front row seats, reaching out to her fans.

Apparently one enthusiastic fan thought that it would be OK to reach back to her, and held on a little to long.  Rihanna glared at the fan before swinging her gold plated mic around to try and hit him.  He eventually let go and the show went on.

I think he's lucky that Rihanna decided to take care of it herself instead of asking security to get involved!  It's pretty much an unwritten rule that if an artist reaches to touch you, just let them . . . don't touch back.  The artist pays huge thick necked men to deal with you if you touch back.