Rihanna hit her Facebook Monday to ask her fans if they were ready for 'Talk That Talk' coming out November 21st.  She also had a surprise as she leaked the official track list for the upcoming album.

Fans went "Cray" when they found out via Twitter that Jay Z would be the only featured rapper on the CD.  She tweeted a confirmation shortly after the buzz got out.

Check out the official track list below.


The order of the tracks may change but here is what Rihanna has posted will be on her new CD.

"Talk That Talk" Track List:

1. "We Found Love" feat. Calvin Harris

2. "You The One"

3. "Watch and Learn"

4. "Roc Me Out"

5. "Cockiness"

6. "Talk That Talk" feat. Jay-Z

7. "Answer"

8. "Drunk on Love"

9. "Farewell"

10. "We All Want Love"

11. "Saxon"

12. "Fool in Love"

13. "Where Have You Been"

14. "Do Ya Thang"

15. "Birthday Cake"