Rihanna will release an expensive 'Diamond Executive Platinum Box' for her die hard fans.  It is no secret that Rihanna fans are some of the most loyal fans in entertainment.  Coming real soon, RiRi will have a nice package for them that will not be cheap.  You won't believe this.

According to Complex, RiRi will release this 'Diamond Executive Platinum Box' that will be full go great prizes.  The RiRi inspired goodies will fill the box but only for the most loyal fans of the Barbados singer.

The box will be full with the following item:


2. Seven art-print lithographs

3. A vinyl record with remixes of 'Diamonds.'

4. Unapologetic-branded 2GB flash memory drive

5. Fan mosaic poster

6. Stickers

7. 40-page booklet containing lyrics and notes

8. A personal handwritten letter

9. A white-and-silver ViewMaster filled with unreleased 3D Rihanna images

Now if that isn't impressive to you, wait until you see how much of that cost.  For a price of $250, you can receive the limited and exclusive 'Diamond Executive Platinum Box.' Now don't get it twisted, people are doing to grab a couple of them real soon. Rihanna's seventh solo studio album, Unapologetic, will release on November 19th.