The ultimate sucka move was pulled when Rita Ora's ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian tried to ruin her reputation via Twitter.  After breaking up with each other, Rob took his anger out on Rita Ora to diminish her reputation, on twitter.  Low blow Rob, low blow.

Rob was never publicly acknowledge as the boyfriend of rising star Rita Ora for marketing reasons.  Dating on and off for over a year, they called it quits.  But Rob wasn't ready to let go just yet.  Taking to his twitter account, Rob was able to get #RitaWhora trending quickly.

Like all celebrity rants on twitter, the tweets were quickly deleted.  But the damage was done because the tweets went viral.  Rob defended his sucka move by saying,

I posted what I posted to keep myself from taking her back. Every time she messed up, I took her back for over a year now," he explained. "I just had to do that to make her hate me."

Later in an interview with US Weekly, Rob did give thought to his twitter rant.

I don't want people to think I'm being a b----

See this is exactly why when I interviewed Rita Ora awhile back I was trying to get on. I could have kept my mouth close about our relationship.  I hope one day me and Rita get another chance for me to win her over.  Yeah, one day. lol