Crooner Robin Thick is putting on a full court press to win Paula Patton back.  This week the celebrity couple announced their split but it hasn't stopped the 'Lost Without You' singer from trying his best to win Paula's heart, again. 

Thicke and Patton's marriage hasn't been unstable and in the public eye for sometime now.  Many people assume the marriage turned bad when Robin allowed Miley Cyrus to twerk on him.  After the public grind fest, the R&B singer was seen cuddle up with other women.

At his recent tour stop, Robin opened up to fans about his broken marriage and singing his hit song, 'Lost Without You.'  In addition to onstage begging, a large number of flowers were sent to Paula's home in California.  It hasn't been confirmed they are from Robin but it is safe to say he purchased them.

With both stars being professionally busy, I'm not sure if they will overcome this situation.  Do you think they'll get back together?